Acceptable Use Policy

Posted and effective as of: August 17, 2018

Group Photo is built on the idea that your most precious memories should be safe, and should be shareable with other people according to how you want them shared. We want this to be an environment you want to spend time in and feel good about recommending to your own friends and family. We also want this to be a place where everyone behaves appropriately and respects each other; in fact, we insist on it.

Group Photo Software’s Acceptable Use Policy is more than a set of guidelines we request our users try to follow – Acceptable Use is part of our Terms of Service, and all our users are required to abide by it. Failure to do so may constitute a breach of those Terms. This Policy will explain exactly what we consider to be Acceptable Use for anyone making use of our website, smartphone apps, desktop apps, or developer features (our “Services”).

1. Copyrighted Content
  1. Please remember that there is a difference between pictures or other media you created yourself, and pictures or other media created by someone else. Using our Services to store or share material that you did not create or own “rights of use” to may be considered copyright infringement, and as described in Section 3 of Group Photo’s Terms of Service, there is a process whereby the legal owners of that material may request that we remove it from our Services. We understand that the Internet is full of material that people have created for the sole purpose of sharing, and it may be difficult to tell the difference between things that are OK to include in pools and things that are not. For that reason, accounts will be terminated and media deleted only in cases where we, in our absolute and sole discretion, believe the terms of this Policy are being intentionally or maliciously violated.
  2. A good rule of thumb is to only upload media that you produced yourself. Do not upload movies, songs, TV shows, or other similar material produced by others, even if you feel that you have a license to them. Instead, ask the producer to upload the material to their own account and share it with you.
2. Respectful Behaviour
  1. Respectful behaviour is the foundation of any successful community. It creates an environment of positivity, sharing, courtesy, and kindness. Disrespectful behaviour does the opposite, creating environments of negativity, bitterness, and animosity. Any conduct considered disrespectful can be reported to Group Photo through its Support channel, where claims can be evaluated and actions initiated. For more information on ways you can report violations of Acceptable Use, see Section 3 below. Generally speaking, disrespectful behaviour falls into the following categories:
    1. Hate Speech - Group Photo celebrates inclusiveness, diversity and individuality. We all have opinions, beliefs, and values; however, any content that targets an individual or group with hate speech based upon differences of age, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or disease is expressly prohibited. There is a strict zero-tolerance policy in place and abuses of this Policy may result in immediate termination of accounts and permanent loss of data.
    2. Not Safe For Work – “NSFW” is a term that was coined to identify content that would be inappropriate to view in a workplace or office environment. Depictions of nudity, violence, drug use, or other illegal acts can be found in many other places on the Internet, but they are not welcome on Group Photo. If the media you are sharing has value to the greater community – for example, pictures or video you have taken which might be considered newsworthy instead of just graphic – it may be considered Acceptable. Please remember that Group Photo is intended for all ages to enjoy, and for that reason we ask that anything graphic or disturbing be accompanied by a warning, or clearly identified as graphic, as to prevent accidental viewing.
    3. Bullying and Harassment – Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and while we support the principles of Free Speech, we believe there is a line separating Free Speech from abuse and harassment. Group Photo does not tolerate any form of conduct designed to intimidate, threaten or insult another user anywhere in its Services. Content that violates this Policy will be removed immediately, and abuse of this Policy may result in immediate termination of accounts and permanent loss of data.
    4. Self-Injury – We encourage all our users to be sensitive to, and supportive of, those who are struggling with addiction and other behaviour that causes self-injury. We ask that our users share content carefully, and accordingly. Any content we believe encourages harmful behaviour, makes light of it, or targets people suffering from disorders of any kind will be removed immediately. Abuse of this Policy may result in immediate termination of accounts and permanent loss of data.
3. Reporting Violations of Our Acceptable Use Policies
  1. Group Photo is about sharing memories in a positive environment. Discussion is encouraged, but unfortunately debate and disagreement often turn into argument and disrespect. While we believe the community is capable of organizing and moderating itself, we also realize that a process for reporting violations of our Acceptable Use Policies must be in place. Before reporting what you believe to be a violation of one of these Policies, please take a moment to consider whether or not the complaint is consistent with what you have read here. Remember that your complaint might result in another user having their account suspended or terminated altogether. We will do our best to evaluate each complaint we receive, and take actions we deem appropriate for each case. Reporting a violation of any of our Acceptable Use Policies is easy – just email us at [email protected] Try to be as detailed as you can, and our Support agents will be happy to work on a resolution. All decisions made by Group Photo’s Support team are final, and we ask that you respect their time and judgement.
4. Abuse of our Services
  1. We consider any deliberate misuse of our Services – including any action designed to damage our Services, compromise another person’s experience while using our Services, or gain unauthorized access to our Services - to be Abuse.
  2. Abuse is rarely accidental, and for that reason our policies here are Strict. Abuse of Services may include, but is not limited to, the following:
    1. Any attempt to exploit Group Photo’s Services, via referral system or otherwise, to gain additional free- or paid-level accounts,
    2. Any unauthorized attempt to gain access to another user’s account or personal information,
    3. Any effort to “scrape” or otherwise harvest data from our Services,
    4. Any use of our Services to place unrelated commercial advertisements into public-facing Pools,
    5. Any use of our Services inconsistent with their intended use, including (without limitation) the storage or transmission of unsupported file types, or
    6. Any depiction of criminal or illegal activity outside what might be considered “newsworthy”.
  3. Abuse of Services constitutes a breach of Group Photo’s Terms of Service, and will result in immediate suspension or termination of accounts.