Pool your media as a group

Share photos, videos and audio with your friends and family in shared pools with total control over access and restrictions.

Share entire collections.

Your photos tell a story. Put your photos in context by creating collections, rather than posts.

You can create streams from one (or many) pools to another pool based on criteria. This is an extremely powerful and versatile feature that is unique to Group Photo. For more information, please see What Are Streams? in Section 1.4 or Chapter 2 of our Group Photo book.

Available anywhere.

Securely back up photos from any device. Viewing and sharing is fast and responsive on all devices.

Tackle large files with ease.

Upload massive files with impunity. Stream in hi-def without lag or loss of resolution.

Never have to email photos again.

No more nagging family members or friends to send photos or videos. Just shoot and they're automatically there!

Access from any device

Enjoy your photos anytime, anywhere from any device.

Browse any way you want.

Cross-platform technology allows for a full-featured experience regardless of device.

Group Photo for iOS.

Access, backup and share your photos and videos from your iPhone or iPad.

Group Photo for Android.

Access, backup and share your photos and videos from your Android phone or tablet.

Backup everything

Automatically store your photos and videos securely in the cloud without having to worry about technical settings.

Automatic uploading.

Seamless and automatic backup to secure servers the moment you take a photo.

100% secure.

Safely back up your entire photo collection from any of your devices.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is mandatory for all users. So, you don't have to worry about your private photos getting out because a person that you choose to share them with might have a weaker password.

Forget about limits.

1. Virtually limitless photo and video sizes:

  • Single video - 10 GB
  • Single photo - 500 MB

2. No limit to the number of users, assets, or chat messages in a pool. Imagine millions of users all chatting and pooling millions of photos and videos, all within a single pool. That's one of the reasons we built Group Photo: simple, robust, and reliable at potentially massive scale.

3. Limitless account storage - ideal for enterprise

4. Triple redundancy, three times over - We backup 9 independent copies of your original files (and 9 for each thumbnail or streaming video rendering) over 3 cloud locations (using the largest cloud provider in the world) with triple redundancy for each cloud location.

5. Auto-healing backups - If a copy (replica) is ever lost due to hardware failure, another copy is automatically generated within 5 minutes.

Create stunning collections

Curate your photos into pools with choice selections of your most outstanding shots.

Do something with your photos.

Memories are meants to be shared. Free them from your hard drive and share them with family and friends!

Engage and interact.

Communicate with complete transparency. No more email threads or scattered social media accounts.

Curate like a pro.

Quickly and easily sort and organize photos with tags and group ratings.

Share passively and automatically

Effortlessly share moments without having to explicitly and individually send photos and videos by email or through social media. Group Photo Streams make sharing a single button press.

Stay close.

Create an inclusive and intimate place for family and friends with private and secure shared pools.

Share without hassle...

Take a photo and share it automatically. Forget about email, fillers, or social media accounts.

Share only what you want.

Choose to share only a specific selection of your photos to your pools.

Stay in the know...

Receive notifications when friends and family share new photos to your shared pools.

And More

Everything you need. Nothing you don't.

No ads. Ever.

Ads get in the way of having a simple, clean, and enjoyable user experience. We're a storage company. We don't sell ads or your meta-information so that advertisers can target you better. We're here to keep your invaluable data safe, and that's it.

Retain your image rights.

If you made it, you own it. You retain full rights to all of your media. Your photos won't be used for anything. We just store them. Period.

Affordable and fair.

No double billing! The same photo that appears in multiple pools is only billed for once.

Join large pools without worrying about incurring large data costs or storage fees.

You can share as many photos or videos as you want with your friends, family, or associates. Viewers don't need to pay for Group Photo in order to view your photos (ie. Only the uploader pays for a single copy of the original).

Excellent value: Our storage prices are much cheaper than what you'd pay on standard cloud storage providers. And, that's even before the cost of hosting (serving requests and streaming), rendering, and storing renderings.

We won't sell you out.

Your information and metadata will never be sold or shared.

Melting pot.

Anyone can bring any file format and everyone can access it. We support RAW files, too! Everyone can play in the same sandbox, regardless of technical background.

Roles and permissions.

Choose from many different user access roles to give the perfect permissions to different users.

Get started for free.

Join today and receive 2 GB of photo and video storage for free.